Remax is an international company focused on real estate. They needed to build a public website showing the properties sold by the group and relevant information about the company. In addition, they needed to optimize internal processes to increase the team's efficiency and to control the entire process that involves real estate. Basically, it is a kind of CRM that allows managing efficiently the connection between the customer and the employee.

The idea was to create 4 links associated with this project:

Grupo Vantagem: Corresponds to the public institutional website;

Intranet: It is a tool to manage all the properties, employees, and internal processes. Only Remax employees have access;

Admin: Here they have the WordPress installed. It is the tool they use to post on the public website;

API: It is the server link that serves as a connection point for storing information for the public website and for the internal tool.

They needed to optimize internal processes to increase the efficiency of the teams. The tool they currently had didn’t give them the necessary guarantees, it was quite limited for what they wanted. Essentially, we needed to create a platform to control the entire real estate process.

  • Vue.js + Nuxt.js

  • Vue.js + Vue CLI

  • WordPress (PHP)

  • Laravel (Framework de PHP), Elasticsearch for research, Redis for management, Eloquent to connect Laravel, and the database Mysql.

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