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Mainvision wants to renew their website, that has a lower SEO Ranking and lack of presence in the Internet Search, with a old design and small functionalities.

Recreate a Corporate Website, with all areas of the company, without losing the history of the website, and redirect all the older backlinking to the brand new website. Some heavy content in the video needs to be optimized.

Redesigning a corporate website while preserving its history and ensuring seamless redirection of older backlinks requires careful planning and execution. Here's a step-by-step approach to achieve this:

1 - Content Audit and Optimization (Begin by conducting a comprehensive audit of the existing website's content, including text, images, videos, and other media. Identify heavy content in videos that need optimization for faster loading times without compromising quality. This might involve compressing videos, using modern video formats, or optimizing video delivery through content delivery networks (CDNs).)

2 - Client Consultation and Idea Exploration (Schedule thorough consultations with the client to understand their current requirements, preferences, and any specific features they envision for the new website. Despite the client's changing ideas, gather as much information as possible during each iteration to streamline the design process.

3 - Design Iterations (Create four initial design versions based on the information gathered from the client. Each version should incorporate different elements, layouts, and styles to provide a range of options for the client to consider. Refinement.)

4 - Historical Content Preservation (Prioritize the preservation of the existing website's history, including important pages, blog posts, news articles, and other relevant content. Develop a strategy to migrate this content to the new website while maintaining its structure, formatting, and historical context.)

5- Website Redesign and Development (Based on the finalized design concept chosen by the client, proceed with the redesign and development of the new website. Implement modern design principles, responsive layouts, and intuitive navigation to enhance user experience. Ensure that the website is optimized for search engines (SEO) to maintain or improve its visibility in search results.

6- Backlink Redirection (Set up 301 redirects from the URLs of the old website to the corresponding pages on the new website. This ensures that visitors following old backlinks are seamlessly redirected to the updated content. Regularly monitor website traffic and backlink sources to identify any issues with redirection and address them promptly.)

7 - Testing and Quality Assurance (Conduct thorough testing of the new website across different devices, browsers, and screen sizes to identify and fix any compatibility issues or bugs. Verify that all historical content has been successfully migrated and is accessible on the new website.)

8 - Launch and Post-launch Support (Coordinate with the client to schedule the website launch once all aspects have been thoroughly tested and approved. Provide post-launch support to address any immediate issues or concerns and offer training if necessary for the client's team to manage and update the website effectively.)


Wordpress Custom Design

Create a Full responsive website, with a very much better presence in the Web, better SEO, multi-language and with a lot of content, more image, more video. More traffic, more conversion, and ROI in less than 8 months. Hypnotic can assure all traffic redirection without losing traffic in the migration process.

Our Process

1. Consultation: We start by understanding your goals and vision to create a tailored strategy.

2. Design & Development: Our team of experts brings your vision to life with innovative design and seamless development.

3. Optimization: We optimize every aspect of your website for maximum performance and user experience.

4. Launch & Migration: Experience a smooth migration process with all traffic redirected seamlessly to your new website.

5. Monitoring & Support: We provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure your website continues to thrive.

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