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Discover ACT's app, delivering a suite of labor issue simulators and streamlined online document submission for users.

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Explore our mobile app, crafted in Flutter, featuring dynamic UI/UX elements tailored to selections made in simulators and forms. Backed by Node, powered by Cloud Functions on Google, and integrated with a Firebase NoSQL database, our app ensures seamless performance. Utilizing Firepanel CMS for efficient NoSQL database management, our platform offers comprehensive administration capabilities. With content synchronization between the app's backend and SharePoint (ACT's Intranet), we enable seamless form integration into inspectors' tools

  • Simulators:
    • Termination Compensation Simulator
    • Vacation Simulator
    • Worker's Termination Notification Simulator - by denunciation
    • Fixed-Term Contract Termination Notification Simulator - by expiration
    • Absence Simulator for the death of a family member.
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